Why Procuring an Attorney to Help You Though a Family Law Issue is Wise:

Family law, which includes civil litigation about divorce issues, child support agreements, the legal establishment of alimony and adoption cases, are often emotional situations. When a marriage ends in divorce, the couple, even if they are amicable towards each other, often find it difficult to come to an agreement on every issue involving the dissolution of their marriage. Sometimes a party is not even aware of an issue and may waive their entitlement. Kids being involved only adds to the stress and tension. That’s where the Law Office of Timothy S. Keough, PA comes in. Since head attorney Timothy s. Keough has been a family law attorney since 1991 and is also a certified mediator, the firm’s knowledge of the laws surrounding the legal issues encompassing family law is vast.  Consequently, the firm will put this knowledge to good use, ensuring your rights aren’t ignored and that the best solution is reached in each situation.

How Mediation Can Prevent a Trial:

Mr. Keough has a vast amount of experience in representing client’s in trials and court hearings. However, before a divorce or other family law disagreement goes to court the Judge will typically require both sides to attend mediation with their respective attorney’s. This process often places the parties in separate rooms with their attorney, and the mediator will shuttle from room to room in an effort to reach an agreement. Ideally and through negotiations, a full agreement is reached. When this happens, a trial and other court hearings become unnecessary. Because of the firms experience in all family law matters as well as Mr. Keough’s experience as a certified family law mediator they are the ideal representatives you can have to speak up for you to make sure you don’t settle too quickly or forfeit your rights needlessly. Of course, not every situation is solved during the mediation period. When that occurs, the case goes to court. In this situation, the legal professionals at the Law Office of Timothy S. Keough, PA are ready, willing, and able to prepare you for what you will face in court and give you a great chance of a favorable outcome.

Next Steps: Take Action:

If your marriage has come to an end and you are facing a divorce, you need the help of the Law Office of Timothy S. Keough, PA. Even if you and your spouse are friendly towards each other now you nevertheless need to be aware of potential pitfalls that cannot be fixed or changed at a later date as well as the fact that the other party may be dishonest with you. Furthermore, family law cases can intensify in a moments notice and you need to be prepared. In addition, if you need help with any family law situation, you would benefit from having an experienced professional on your side. Contact us today for a consultation to learn more about how we can help you resolve your family law issue.

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