Dealing with a family law issue can be an emotionally taxing experience. Family law is an umbrella term that includes divorce, equitable distribution of property and debts, alimony, child support and custody, adoption, and other child matters. Many family law issues can be settled through mediation or other negotiations without need for the parties to go to court. In some cases, however, contested Court Hearings and Trials become necessary, and an experienced attorney should be present to serve your interests.

Family law cases have strict procedural rules and can often raise complicated legal issues. A simple mistake with paperwork or a legal misunderstanding can have a disastrous impact. Taking on these cases without legal representation is stressful and presents a huge risk. If you are dealing with a family law issue, you need experienced legal counsel on your side. A qualified family law attorney can ensure that your rights are protected and help to give you the best possible outcome to your case.

Family Law Attorney Since 1991

Florida family law attorney Timothy Keough has been practicing family law in Florida for nearly 26 years. The Law Office of Timothy Keough is located two blocks from the Lake County Courthouse in Tavares, Florida, and serves clients throughout the Lake County area, as well as the neighboring counties. His firm has handled many divorce, alimony, child support, child custody, adoption, paternity, modification proceedings, and other family law cases. Timothy also has experience handling cases with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Department of Revenue (DOR). Timothy believes in honestly informing his clients of the law and doing everything he can to help them for a reasonable fee. He understands how difficult family law cases are for his clients to navigate and is dedicated to delivering compassionate service.

Timothy is also a Certified Family Law Mediator having conducted thousands of successful mediations. This experience is a tremendous benefit to the client’s he represents. Timothy works hard to focus on what is most important to his client and to achieve positive results.

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If you are going through a family law issue in Lake County, or neighboring counties, don’t try to handle things on your own. Having an experienced Florida family law attorney represent you can make a huge difference in the outcome. Moreover, an attorney can reduce the stress you are experiencing by handling all of the legal issues for you. If you would like to discuss your case, contact the Law Office of Timothy S Keough at 352-343-1999 to schedule a consultation.